Jewelry Appraisal Service

You love your jewelry and treasure it, but along with emotional and sentimental value, your jewelry may have monetary value as well. Whether you inherited jewelry or watches, and possibly received them as gifts, it's always good to know the value of your collection. 

With an appraisal, you can decide what to do with your jewelry and what pieces need to be insured. 

At Yepremian Jewelers, your jewelry will be inspected and appraised by a certified expert in fine jewelry and gemology.  

Our certified appraisal will combine the following factors:

  • Current retail prices for similar jewelry 
  • Scarcity of the Jewelry
  • Brand Names
  • Serial Numbers 
  • Designer Markings 
  • Metal Content and Type 
  • Weight
  • Craftsmanship 
  • Condition and Quality

In the end, you will receive a detailed appraisal with pictures that you can use to insure your fine jewelry. 


Jewelers are not qualified appraisers unless they are industry certified.

When you really need to know the true value of your jewelry, there is only one appraiser to visit... 

Yepremian Fine Jewelers


  • Jewelers of America (JA) Certified
  • Certified GIA Gemologist (GIA) 
  • Jewelers Board of Trade Certified (JBT)

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