The Story Began………

 in 1952 in Beirut, as young Sarkis Yepremian, the founder of Yepremian Jewelers, started making jewelry in a small shop in Downtown Beirut. His skills as an Artisan expended as he worked and manufactured for various Jewelers, his specialty was to design and craft gold and platinum watch bracelets for Omega and Patek Philip. Sarkis’s work is predominantly occupied with creating unique pieces of jewelry. Over the years he expended his collection of fine jewelry with modern and sleek designs. In 1976 he moved to the United States with his wife Ardemis and 2 children Victoria and Sebouh.

In 1981 Sarkis and Ardemis together opened their first storefront business in Cranston Rhode Island, his humble shop marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. They have been serving satisfied customers since then, and are known for top quality jewelry and best services. They established a very good reputation and today they are known as the most respected jewelry designers and diamond dealers that made them popular in the east coast.


Sebouh Yepremian, is the general manager and quality controller of Yepremian Jewelers.
Born on November 30, 1969 in Beirut, Lebanon, Sebouh grew up in a family dedicated to the art of jewelry.
At the age of 7, he moved to the United States with his family, where he found himself exposed to the elegant lifestyle associated with the city. His early visits to the family atelier captured his attention, eventually growing into a fascination, as he began to observe and admire how solid gold could be melted and crafted into a masterpiece. He grew up taking in the know-how that the Yepremian family has been passing on from generation to generation. Following this, and after graduating from college, he moved to New York to study Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America, graduating in 1994.

With the newly acquired expertise in diamonds  and colored stones grading, Sebouh  moved back to Rhode Island and expended  the Family Business, where he fully entered the true and sparkling world of jewelry. In fall 2011 Yepremian Jewelers moved to a new location in Warwick, where the tradition of excellence continues with  extensive and various collection at all times, as well as custom made fine jewelry that meets the needs of any customer. Every creation is handcrafted to perfection, through a unique process that creates pieces of unforgettable beauty, and every customer becomes a part of The Yepremian Jewelers family.